Wednesday, March 13, 2013

App Updates: TRVL updates iPad magazine app, now publishing as Prss Inc.; Apple updates retail store app, while Google tries to fix iOS version of Chrome

The travel photography digital magazine TRVL today issued a major update to its iPad app. The update adds features and makes fixes, but probably most importantly migrated the app to a new corporate account: the app is now being published under the name of the new digital publishing platform Prss Inc. (previously the app was appearing under the seller name of Picture Contact BV.

Here is what's new in version 3.1.1 beyond the publisher name change:

★ Shake to shuffle the kiosk, shake again to revert
★ Faster and more responsive
★ Improved animations and gesture handling
★ Improved downloading and feedback on unreliable connections
☂ Fixed displaying of photo settings
☂ Optimized Newsstand push
☂ Fixed audio in videos
☂ Optimized sharing of photo's to Twitter/Facebook
If didn't guess, those symbols are what the reader sees in the app description inside the App Store. Also, the latest travel magazine to be found inside TRVL is on Zimbabwe.

Often when Apple releases an update to one of its apps it is a sign that an iOS update is right around the corner. I doubt that is the case today with the update to the Apple Store app, the app used by shoppers inside Apple retail locations.

The update adds new delivery options and also an inventory check mechanism, convenient for shoppers who don't want to go to their local Apple store only to find it sold out of a particular item.

Air Canada updated its iOS app to add in a new class of travel, Premiere Economy. The new class will be available on flights from Montreal and Paris, as well as from Toronto to Athens, Venice and Edinburgh, and Montreal to Athens. This only mentioned because my daughter keeps telling me we should return to Greece this summer. Fat chance.

Finally, Google updated its Chrome browser app for iOS to fix a crash problem at start up. I used to be a Chrome user but no longer fire up the browser on my Mac because of its poor performance – it has become a lagging mess. I rarely use the browser on my iPhone and quite a number of users are complaining the update has not fixed the crashing (though others have said it is now fixed).