Monday, March 18, 2013

August Media releases unique tablet edition for Christie's International Real Estate

The London-based custom publishing house August Media has released a unique and very interesting new tablet edition for Christie's International Real Estate.

The new digital magazine does not try to replicate a traditional magazine experience but instead takes a Flipboard-like approach. This works very well as the goal of the digital magazine is to present the properties being represented rather than to duplicate a magazine reading experience.

The digital magazine is free to download and access the issues.

This is the second app to be released by August Media into the Newsstand, the first was for the British Internet retailer Ocado. Both apps appear under August Media's name, probably the only real mistake here as any custom publisher should realize that the product belongs to the customer, not the agency.

But the app is a good one, that's for sure, as the navigation and logic of the digital edition make perfect sense for a real estate magazine. The App Store shows the screenshots in landscape, and I like reading this one in that orientation. But the reader can just as easily choose portrait, if they like

The only other advice I would give August Media would be to work harder on the app description – it is far too short.