Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Morning Brief: British press get ready for retrial in Italy; Condé Nast mistimes 'My GQ' update; Bloomberg updates BusinessWeek tablet edition, offering some articles free

The British press went all O.J. Simpson at the first trial of Amanda Knox, the American college student first convicted of the murder of her roommate Meredith Kercher in Perugia, Italy, then later acquitted of the same murder. Today Italy's highest court has ruled that Knox, now 25, must stand trial again, though her return to Italy is highly unlikely.

The Daily Mail is already trying out its headline writing skills with "'It was painful': Amanda Knox speaks out after finding out that she WILL face a retrial over the murder of British student Meredith Kercher."

As one commenter on the NBC News website writes: "I guess Italy is running low on cash and needs to sell newspapers." Whatever works, its journalism – and whatever works in Italy works in the U.S. as the story is on the front of the home page of the NYT, bumped from the lead only by today's Supreme Court session concerning gay marriage.

Trying to time an app update with publicity is difficult if Apple's app review team is involved, as Condé Nast found out yesterday. The magazine publisher announced the roll out of "a new technology that encourages readers to shop, save, and share content from the magazine’s iPad tablet edition." Unfortunately, the app update for GQ did not hit until today.

"MyGQ lets readers save their favorite articles and ads and easily share them with friends allowing people to fully customize their GQ tablet experience," said Chris Mitchell, vice president and publisher, in yesterday's announcement.

The program is, in reality, a paid link program for advertisers who must pay an add-on charge of $5,000, according to Adweek, who wrote about the update yesterday despite the fact that the update had not yet been released. Condé Nast developed the program in-house and in partnership with Studio Mercury, a NYT agency.

One wishes to be open about the program except that it begins with the April issue – and what do you know – the app update did not bring with it the April issue.

Bloomberg has updated its tablet edition for Bloomberg Businessweek+. The update now gives readers access to some of the articles in each week's issue free of charge.

The app allows the reader to download the weekly issue to access a TOC of the articles, but only three of the stories can be accessed free, the others are locked, only to be opened once the reader has started a subscription or logged into the print subscription account.

Annual subscriptions are priced at $29.99, or a monthly subscription can be had for $2.99.