Monday, March 4, 2013

Morning Brief: Casimir Pulaski Day edition; Hearst issues update for Food Network Magazine app to fix crash bug, still dealing with print subscriber complaints

I'm all for holidays, but I'm rather dogmatic in my belief that a holiday should mean a day off, a special feast, fireworks or something along those lines. That's why I'm not a big fan of those Sunday holidays that appear to have been created by the greeting card companies or drunk members of Congress.

Today is Casimir Pulaski Day, celebrated in one state in the Union, Illinois, and used as an excuse in some school districts to take the day off. Business stay, the post office delivers the mail (the holiday falls on the first Monday of March), and there are no fireworks, and many people settle for eating leftovers. Some holiday.

And who knows who this guy was? Do you? Did you that there is a General Pulaski Memorial Day, as well? Take about a holiday that is overkill and forgettable at the same time.

So since few people know why we are "celebrating" Casimir Pulaski Day today let me make something up: today is Casimir Pulaski Day, the day when we celebrate the achievements of the guy who invented the pixel. Before Pulaski's great achievement they were merely dots. Raise a glass and toast the great Casimir Pulaski - 1024 tines in one direction, and 768 times in the other.

Hearst Communications this weekend issued an update for its iPad edition of Food Network Magazine. Hearst, which gets the most press coverage of any of the magazine companies thanks to their very vocal executives, also get some of the worst reviews for their apps inside the Apple App Store. The problem generally isn't the digital editions but their pricing policies whereby print subscribers have to pay again for the digital editions.

It's a controversial policy because the publisher owns very popular titles (Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Esquire...). As a result, most of Hearst's magazine apps get low marks from reviewers inside the App Store no matter how good the app itself may be. Then, there are bugs, the reviews get really negative.

The update issued today for Food Network Magazine is meant to solve some app issues that are leading to crashes, and leading to even more negative reviews.

Does the update solve the issues? Hard to say, the first two new reviews written are one-star reviews complaining about the subscription policy.

Aquafadas has also had to issue an update because of bugs. The company, which merged with Kobo last year, recently launched a major update to its digital publishing platform, and with it an update to its myKiosk for iOS reviewer app, used to preview digital publications.

Today's update fixes some bugs involving slideshows and PDF to reflow action behavior. If you use this digital publishing platform, and especially if you have encountered issues, you'll want to update.