Monday, March 11, 2013

Morning Brief: Latest ABC report finds UK newspapers see circulation levels decline; tensions rise in Korea

On Friday the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) in the U.K. released its latest circulation reports and the news was not good for British dailies. The Guardian's circulation fell to 193,586, a drop of 5.31 percent. The decline follows a decision to increase the price of the paper.

A Guardian News & Media spokesman tried to put a positive spin on the numbers: "The Guardian is a growing global brand with the world's fourth-most popular news website and the UK's No 1 quality newspaper mobile site. We are seeing record digital traffic on every single measure and our journalism is being read by more people than ever before."

Left unsaid, of course, is the thorny issue of making money online.

The Sun also reported a sharp decline in circulation, falling 5.3 percent to 2,281,990, the ABC reported.

Tensions continue to grow on the Korean peninsula as North Korea announced that it had "declared invalid" the armistice signed in 1953. Despite this, U.S. media appears pretty disinterested.

Like a drup addict that needs more and more of the drug, North Korea is stamping its feet louder and louder in order to try and get attention and get the U.S. and South Korea to recognize it. The behavior seems to be less effective, it the North Korean's great consternation.

At issue today is military exercises set to begin soon involving 10,000 South Korean troops, along side 3,000 Americans.

Media app updates were few and far between this weekend, though a couple updates to B2B magazines apps were released. CFO Publishing issued one of the few updates to a media app to be found inside the App Store. CFO Magazine is a universal replica edition app. It's update oddly states that it has added support for iOS 5.1 and iOS 6.1, as well as fixing bugs.

BevNet Magazine, another replica, was also updated this weekend. The magazine is published eight times per year with "occasional special issues" the app description tells readers. BevNet's app is also universal (magnifying glass recommended for reading the digital magazine on an iPhone).