Friday, March 8, 2013

Morning Brief: News, news and more news, oh and media updates, too

A series of news items read this morning feel somehow strangely related. Maybe it is the idea that certain people, no matter what crimes they commit, will always be allowed to continue on. In western society, some companies are simply too big to be guided in any way by the law, and the consequences are enormous.

General News:

The Guardian: Ex-police officer and ex-prison officer admit selling information to Sun

A former police officer and ex-prison officer have admitted selling information to the Sun about high-profile individuals – the first people to plead guilty in relation to the investigation into alleged illegal payments by journalists to public officials.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) at banking committee hearing to regulators at the Federal Reserve, Treasury Department, and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (via Mother Jones):
The US government takes money laundering very seriously for a good reason. And it puts strong penalties in place… It's possible to shut down a bank... Individuals can be banned from ever participating in financial services again. And people can be sent to prison. in December, HSBC admitted to... laundering $881 million that we know of... They didn't do it just one time... They did it over and over and over again… They were caught doing it, warned not to do it, and kept right on doing it. And evidently made profits doing it. Now, HSBC paid a fine, but no individual went to trial. No individual was banned from banking and there was no hearing to consider shutting down HSBC's actives in the US.... You're the experts on money laundering. I'd like your opinion. What does it take? How many billions of dollars do you have to launder for drug lords and how many sanctions do you have to violate before someone will consider shutting down a financial institution like this?
The Guardian: Record rise in CO2 emissions sounds climate change alarm
The chances of the world holding temperature rises to 2C – the level of global warming considered "safe" by scientists – appear to be fading fast with US scientists reporting the second-greatest annual rise in CO2 emissions in 2012.
Media News:

The New York Times: Chief Executive at Pandora Media to Step Down
The chairman and chief executive of Pandora Media, the company behind the popular Internet radio service, announced on Thursday that he would be leaving the company after nine years, on a day when Pandora reported growth and better-than-expected earnings for its fiscal fourth quarter and full year.
Associated Press: Mexico nabs 21 in newspaper, politician attacks
Twenty-one members of a drug gang linked to the Sinaloa cartel have been detained in connection with as many as 30 killings and the abduction of five non-editorial employees of a newspaper who were later released, Mexican authorities said Thursday.
Media App Updates:
 photo DerSpiegel-library-lg_zps9dc9024d.jpg
Der Spiegel released a major update to its iPad news magazine app. The app, simply DER SPIEGEL, remains a stand-alone app, rather than one that supports Newsstand. The update brings with it larger fonts, printing on the iPad through AirPrint, QR Code Scanner, as well as bug fixes.

The digital publishing platform Mag+ has updated its reviewer app this morning. The update for Mag+ Reviewer fixes a series of bugs to MIB rendering.