Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sync Magazine: New weekly digital-only magazine from the UK aims 'to document the connected society'

I'm not sure what to make of this new digital magazine. Is it a big promotional effort, or an honest attempt to create a new weekly digital magazine? We'll find out in the weeks to come.

Sync Magazine is from Gadabout Productions Ltd., a UK-based independent film production company. The editor is Guy Daniels, Managing Director at Gadabout, and someone who once worked at EMAP before moving into the film business.

The new digital-only magazine is quite ambitious. For one thing, it plans on a weekly publication schedule. For another, it's app description lays out a rather precise set of objectives:
Sync is the weekly video magazine for the connected society. It is produced for all those working in – or interested in – communications technologies, services and applications. Whether you have a direct interest in telecoms, wireless, broadband or internet, or an indirect interest through verticals such as healthcare, education, finance, transport, social and so on…. we hope Sync becomes your weekly guide to the Connected Society...

Sync is only available as a digital publication for smart devices – optimised for both the iPhone and iPad. There’s no print alternative. We live in a digital world, and the format of Sync reflects this.

Sync is written and produced by specialist telecoms journalists and reporters, with decades of experience in this sector. We are a small, independent team with no affiliations to telecoms vendors or service providers. Our aim is to document the connected society, and help those who seek to provide services that will benefit society.

Sync stands for a smarter world. We want smart cities, intelligent communities and integrated transport. We respect freedom of speech and the need for a free internet. We encourage open standards and a more enlightened approach to patent licensing.
With so ambitious a mission I think it best to withhold judgement while the magazine gets its publishing underway.

The universal iOS app contains one issue plus a sample of that issue. To access the full premiere issue will cost $2.99. Subscriptions are available in 6 month ($59.99) and 1 year increments ($89.99). The publisher may find that readers would prefer a lower priced e month level, as well. This is quite pricey for an unknown digital launch, though I can not fault them for pricing the digital magazine levels that they feel are fair.

(It should be noted, though, that the app descriptions do not list prices for the digital magazine, that is sure to draw some bitter reader reviews unless corrected.)

The app description links to a new website that is set to launch on Friday, so the appearance of this app inside the Apple Newstand probably was one day earlier – but better early than late, right?