Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The English language newspaper China Daily Hong Kong launches a tablet edition into Apple's Newsstand

When journalists in the U.S. and Europe want to quote the Chinese press the source is usually China Daily, the English language newspaper that generally reflects the views of the government. In 1997, the Hong Kong edition of the paper was launched.

Today China Daily Hong Kong has launched a tablet edition of the paper. China Daily Hong Kong is an app styled very much like that of the NYT in that it is a mirror of the paper's website more than the print edition.
 photo ChinaDaily-iPad-sm_zpsacaa38b0.jpg
The app is free to download, and once installed the reader will find that the content is free, as well. Because the app supports Apple's Newsstand, one can also subscribe free, as well. The publisher, or someone (!), would like to see this content more available.

The app should come in handy, though, for news editors and reporters who keep an iPad handy. Just as checking the China Daily website for news and opinion is useful, so, too will this app.

The app is not without at least a few problems. I noticed that a story on the home page did not link to a full story and the video did not play. But otherwise this is a typical web-based tablet edition. I have my doubts about the usefulness of these types of tablet editions, but many publishers seem attracted to them.