Thursday, March 28, 2013

World Wrestling Entertainment launches its own tablet magazine into the Apple Newsstand, designing a native, interactive publication using the Mag+ platform

'Rad App' reads one of the first reader reviews of the new WWE Magazine from World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. The new digital magazine was made using the Mag+ platform, so you probably know what you can expect: a fully interactive magazine with lots of native tablet design features such as photo galleries, pop-up captions and other elements, and embedded video.

The new iPad app was released earlier this month and so far the reader reviews have been universally positive.

Go ringside, backstage and inside the private lives of your favorite Superstars and Divas with WWE Magazine, a rich and deeply interactive experience that delivers exclusive WWE Superstar videos, interviews, stunning hi-res photo galleries, and entertaining quizzes and games for the WWE Universe.
The WWE will be charging $19.99 for an annual subscription, but you can preview the new digital magazine from inside the app – or to get a fuller look at the native tablet edition you can subscribe on a monthly basis for only $1.99.

The designers of the magazine make the reader work a bit, forcing the reader to go from one orientation to the other. But my guess is that readers will tend to be young and more open to interactivity and handling their iPad to read what they want. Besides the digital magazine is far more "in your face' that the usual title. The latest issue inside, which is March, weighs in over 300MB, not unduly large, but a bit of a download, nonetheless. There is also a January and February issue available, as well.

If you have your iPad in landscape, as you will see in the video below, the app opens up to a video. Once that is finished the app wants you to move to portrait to see the cover where you can replay the video. The app probably should have a landscape cover so you can avoid this, but it isn't at all annoying.

I have a feeling WWE will hit their target with this new digital magazine – and you can be sure Android users will be begging for the app to hit Google Play as soon as possible.