Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Thomson Reuters releases new universal news app, likely replacement for older separate apps for iPhone and iPad

Thomson Reuters released a brand new universal iOS app for Reuters today. Simply called Reuters, the free app gives readers access to Reuters news without charge. The app appears to be a replacement for the separate Reuters News Pro apps from iPhone and iPad.

Thomson Reuters launched its original iPad news app when the original iPad was released by Apple. But the app has not been updated since September 5 of last year, which probably means this app was already in development.

The iPad version of the new app uses exceptionally large fonts and plenty of leading. It makes for an easy reading experience for tired eyes, even if it is not a terribly good use of space. But I seriously doubt readers will complain – the app is attractive, easy to use, and certainly priced right.

The iPhone version's fonts are not as obviously big, and the leading seems very appropriate. One wonders if the app was designed first for the iPhone, then ported over to the iPad.

The app lacks font size adjustments, which might have been a good feature. But there are sharing options through Facebook, Twitter and email, as well as a button for saving the stories for later reading.

The app comes with sections for World, Politics, Business, Tech and Market News, as well as Home, which serves as the front page. The app also allows for searching the news.

There is two important features missing, however: push notifications and geo-location services – both I would consider pretty much de rigueur these days. Hopefully updates to the app will add these features to what is a pretty good, if conservative, news app.