Wednesday, March 6, 2013

UK music magazine launches a digital-only tablet magazine, DIY Weekly, into the Apple Newsstand

The London-based music monthly DIY has launched a new weekly tablet-only magazine. DIY Weekly is the first tablet edition to be released under the Sonic Media Group name inside the Apple Newsstand.

The tablet-only magazine may be for the Apple Newsstand only right now, but Stephen Ackroyd says that "in time" the digital magazine will also appear for the iPhone, as well as Android and Kindle devices, as well.

The natively designed iPad magazine is to be read in portrait orientation, and unlike many apps, even the library and store page opens in portrait. The first issue found inside weighs in at 227 once downloaded into the library.

The magazine is beautifully designed for iPad reading. But after a few articles I began to feel that the digital magazine felt a bit strangely old fashioned. This is a digital music magazine, where is the music. I should have known better. A few swipes on there is was.

The digital magazine will be available every Sunday according to the editor's introductory note – which also, by the way, assures readers by stating clearly "we're not stopping the monthly magazine," by which he means the print edition, of course. We'll see.

It is rare that a monthly magazine would launch another tablet product before launching a tablet edition of their main magazine – but why not? I like this approach, though it will be interesting to see if they can maintain the weekly schedule after publishing a monthly print magazine – going in the other direction might have proved easier. But the publisher is looking to change their website, too. So maybe the will find they can handle it. I like the way they have started.

Here is a brief walk-through random parts of the first issue found inside DIY Weekly: