Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Australian Trade Commission releases separate iPhone and iPad apps for 'Australia Unlimited' digital magazine

The Australian Trade Commission recently released twin iOS apps, as well as a website, for Australia Unlimited. The new digital products are, of course, meant to encourage travel and business in Australia.

The new apps Austalia Unlimited for iPhone and Australia Unlimited for iPad are native in design and feature attractive photography within simple layouts designed for easy reading on the owner's device.

Our iPhone and iPad apps, and the website, all showcase the ideas and achievements of our world-class scientists, exporters, designers, educators and entrepreneurs. Australia Unlimited is about Australia's greatest asset - not our beaches or our mines - our people.
The iPad app proved a bit glitchy for me as at first the app reacted as if on a sugar rush and needed to be shut down. I could not duplicate the behavior, but my guess is that the app was probably tested on the newest version of the iPad, while older models, with less memory, may have trouble properly handling the app.

The navigation on my own iPad was extremely sticky, as seen in the screenshot below-right where the screen sticks between stories before eventually proceeding to the next story. I did not see the same behavior on my iPhone 5 with the iPhone app.

The apps and their content are free of charge, as you'd expect, and offers a free subscription. Actually forces a free subscription on you as pressing "cancel" will not stop the app from asking you again to subscribe. An update of the iPad app is probably a good idea to rid the app of bugs.