Monday, April 15, 2013

Booz & Company uses the various e-book formats to offer a collection of articles entitled 'Don't Blame Your Culture'

This is the first of three posts on new e-books to appear over the next three afternoons.

Probably no new digital publishing format is as guaranteed of success as e-book publishing. The reasons are many, but one main point to consider is that e-books come in all sorts of formats themselves: from simple ePub text oriented books, to elaborate e-book apps.

Both newspaper and magazine companies are discovering the advantages of launching new e-book imprints – and companies, too, are finding that presenting their information in e-book formats can be a wonderful marketing tool.

The global consulting firm Booz & Company has its own magazine inside the Apple Newsstand, strategy+business magazine, and recently it launched a stand-alone app called strategy+business collection in which to offer collections of articles for its customers and the public.

The latest of these collections is called "Don’t Blame Your Culture" – seven articles plus an introduction on corporate culture.

"Everyone knows that corporate culture matters," writes Art Kleiner, editor-in-chief of strategy+business in the introduction. "After the job title, duties, and salary, it's typically the thing that a job applicant cares about most: 'What's it like to work?'"

Left: Cover page of the Kindle Edition; Middle: the TOC from the iPad version; Right: the Kindle Edition article appearance.

Booz & Company has released this new e-book/app for the iPad, iPhone, Kindle and through Zinio. The platforms dictate what the reader sees: the Kindle Edition is fairly plain, with some pages more attractive than others, but with readability the main concern; the iPad app is more attractive, with a better tablet of contents, for instance.

No matter which platform the reader chooses, the price is $2.99.