Monday, April 8, 2013

Global design firm RTKL launches a digital magazine app into the Apple Newsstand containing a natively designed annual publication 'Work In Progress'

Can there be any better example of why magazine and newspaper publishers should design for tablets and mobile natively than looking at how a design firm sees these platforms?

I think it is safe to say that when a reputable design firm designs a building for – say, Menlo Park – it doesn't pull out some plans from a building it designed that was for New York City, right? It considers the environment where the end product will reside.

Animated 'cover' for Works in Progress
So when a global design firm creates a new digital magazine for the Apple Newsstand it would logically consider what the platform can offer, how readers will read the product, etc. In other words, expect a native tablet publication not a port-over from a print design.

That is precisely what RTKL has launched into the Apple Newsstand with its new tablet magazine published under the app name RTKL Publications. The app and its contents are free of charge and the app currently contains only 'Works In Progress' which is an annual collection of ideas and design concepts.

The digital magazine weighs in at just over 300 MB and is filled with animations, pop up captions and features and plenty of video.

The digital magazine is not any larger, file wise, because the designers decided to create a magazine that is to be read in landscape, which is best for video. The Adobe DPS appears to have been the platform choice here.

Because the app supports the Apple Newsstand readers will be able to subscribe, though what RTKL is put into the app is anyone's guess. Most companies that decide to launch an app such as this one that is really launched for marketing purposes generally decide on creating a stand-alone app, but the company probably has plans for more publications to appear and now have an app in the Newsstand ready to accept them.