Monday, April 29, 2013

Google adds Google Now features to iOS app

Google today issued a major update to its iOS app Google Search. The update brings the app up to version 3.0 and adds in Google Now features.

Get just the right information at just the right time with Google Now.
  • weather and traffic conditions before you start your day
  • updates on your favorite sports teams and breaking news stories as they happen
Find out more about all other ways Google Now can help at
Early reviews are generally positive with two caveats: some users are reporting that the app crashes on their older iPhones, while others are concerned the app, because of its geo-location usage, will eat into battery life.

Tech sites are writing about the fact that the app may now compete with Apple's Siri due to its ability to provide basic information.

"Google Now is about giving you just the right information at just the right time. It can show you the day’s weather as you get dressed in the morning, or alert you that there’s heavy traffic between you and your butterfly-inducing date—so you’d better leave now! It can also share news updates on a story you’ve been following, remind you to leave for the airport so you can make your flight and much more," Google said on its official blog.

Here is the new promotional video for the update: