Friday, April 5, 2013

Late Friday app wrap-up: Australia's nextmedia Pty releases first title into the Apple Newsstand; Morris Digital Works launches tablet app for the Masters Tournament

This has been the week where TNM posted on more tablet magazine apps from Australia than in the previous three years combine - or at least it feels that way. Here is another, the first app from nextmedia Pty to be released into the Apple Newsstand, Science Illustrated.

The new app appears to be a simple replica edition, and a pretty expensive one at that.

Previous apps, such as for ANZ Snowboarding, were stand-alone apps. It looks like the attempt to produce the tablet editions have been abandoned because the app was last updated in August of last year and no new issues are inside since.

Another odd thing about the app is that is looks like an Adobe DPS app, yet the app description refers to PixelMags.

Another native tablet edition is for Waves Magazine, which is designed for landscape reading. It, too, is free of charge, and is definitely worth checking out.

The Augusta Chronicle is one of the oldest newspapers in America, founded in 1785. It is currently owned by Morris Communications. Augusta is also the home of the Masters Tournament (or simply the Masters), which begins on Thursday of next week.

Morris Digital Works LLC, the digital arm of the newspaper company, has released a new Newsstand app tied to the golf tournament called Augusta Golf!. The app offers a preview issue inside for $1.99, then updated tournament coverage for an additional $0.99. There is also a subscription option that would give you the tournament coverage plus quarterly updates throughout the year.

The owners of the actual Masters Tournament usually keep a tight lid on coverage and access to video and things, so what Morris is able to provide would be interesting to see.

Last year, Augusta National, the home of the tournament, released their own iPad app, The Official Masters Tournament (see original TNM post from last year here). That app was updated yesterday to add new features such as live video push notifications (I'd like to see what they mean by that), interactive 360 degree views of the holes, and more.