Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mobiography iPhone Photography Mag : New UK tablet photography magazine supports author's blog

When Apple first launched the iPad one of the things that was immediately apparent was how well the tablet displayed photography. Publishers building tablet editions could see how much their photos popped 'off the page' – and readers were instantly impressed with the appearance of digital magazines, no matter whether native or replica.

Recently a number of tablet-only photgraphy magazines have been launched into the Apple Newsstand – Future plc's Photography Week and Focus Publishing's line of titles including Exposures, to name just two – and each offers stunningly beautiful photographs, as well as native tablet design.

Another tablet-only magazine from UK photographer Andrew Butler, Mobiography iPhone Photography Mag has been released into the Apple Newsstand and it uses a platform familiar to loyal TNM readers, MagCast. (See the post below this for another example!)

"I was motivated to produce the tablet magazine to support my blog which focusses on mobile and iPhone photography," Butler told me via email. "With the continued improvements in smartphone technology and people's increasing use of social media channels – such as Instagram, Flickr and Facebook (to name but a few) to share the images – this subject has really caught my imagination (especially as I am a keen photographer but find a bulky dslr camera a pain to carry round). With the blog I wanted to explore this field further and use it to connect with and promote iphoneographers that interested me."

"The iPad magazine allowed me to take the idea behind this onto a mobile device. I felt that as more and more people are using tablets this would be a natural progression and something that in the future could grow into something bigger," Butler said.

Like many of tablet magazine that use MagCast, the digital publication was designed specifically for the iPad, and then a PDF is uploaded to MagCast. Any interactive elements are added add that point.

MagCast does not allow for landscape orientation, so the platform is a little problematical for a photography magazine. Butler, when adding a photograph in landscape simply places it sideways, along with the caption, and lets the reader rotate their iPad to view.

"I designed the magazine myself as my career started out in graphic design working on magazines and brochures. I then progressed to be a web designer/developer and then moved into the area of internet marketing," Butler said.

"The design of the magazine was important to me as I wanted it to have a quality feel to it. I hope I have managed to carry this off."

Mobiography iPhone Photography mag costs readers $4.99 for single issues. A two-month subscription costs $3.99.

"The magazine will be a bi-monthly release with a view to possibly going monthly at a later date. As I get into a groove with its production I will also be looking to release one off specials," Butler said.