Thursday, April 18, 2013

Morning Brief: Pocket app update adds sharing features; Zinio issues app update to address back issues bug; Bloomberg for iPad gets font size adjustments

When asked which apps a new iPad or iPhone owner should download on the day they buy their device a few apps come to mind – Dropbox would be a good example. Pocket is another.

Pocket's actual app name inside the Apple App Store is actually Pocket (Formerly Read It Later) to remind people of the name change. The old name also better describes what the app is for: saving stories one finds online for later reading.

Timed to coincide with the one year anniversary of their name change, Pocket has issued a major app update that adds some important content sharing features. From the app description:
Send to Friend is a new, simple way to share content with the people who matter to you most. With just a couple of taps you can share content from Pocket with friends and family, along with a comment and a highlighted quote. They’ll receive an email with the link, and if they have Pocket, they’ll also be notified right inside the app.

Once a friend sends content to your Pocket with Send to Friend, it will appear in an inbox, where you can see their comments along with any highlighted quotes they chose to share with you.

Pocket’s redesigned Share Menu highlights your most recently used services, like Twitter, Facebook, Evernote or Buffer. And once you’ve shared to friends or family with Send to Friend, you’ll find shortcuts to share content with recent friends right from the Share Menu.

Turn on optional push notifications to know when a friend shares with you in Pocket. This update also includes a number of bug fixes and performance updates.
Zinio has issued a bug fix app update for its popular digital newsstand. The update is designed to fix some issues with free back issues and basic app and purchase reliability issues – bugs, in other words.

While the first new reader review says the app crashes for them I've not encountered any issues with the app.

Bloomberg has updated its main news iPad app today, Bloomberg for iPad. The update addresses some issues raised by users about readability.

"What was everyone thing when they re-designed this app on their 27 inch Dell?" read one recent review. "Font size is too small even when sizing up."

Today's app update addresses the font size issue by resizing both the fonts and the spacing. But the app is a rather odd one in that it looks like something that would feel OK for a trader that stares at a busy screen all day, but for the casual reader it seems busy.

I like the app, though, if only because it doesn't feel like simply an attempt to reformat an existing website for the iPad.