Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Newly formed publishing company, Apptitude Media, launches quarterly magazine for the iPad, 'Fade to Black'

The digital media start-up Apptitude Media has launched a new quarterly tablet magazine for the iPad, Fade To Black.

"Dedicated to a new generation of image-makers who embrace the convergence of photography, video and multimedia, Fade To Black champions new talent and focuses on the ideas and creative processes that go into making great images, be they still or moving," the app description for Fade > Black states.

The new tablet magazine used the Mag+ platform to develop and design the digital publication. The launch issue, which is free of charge to download, weighs in at 400MB due to its use of video, and despite the fact that is is designed exclusively for landscape reading. (Landscape, I think most designers would agree, is the appropriate orientation for film and most photography, which is why creating a replica edition for a film magazine is bordering on the insane.) Six-month subscriptions will be priced at £8.99 ($13.99 in the U.S. Newsstand).

"Like any good movie, Fade To Black has a beginning, middle and end; the first focused on agenda items for the spring ahead, while the middle is devoted to our major profiles and features, and the end gets to grips with new trends, and includes Q&As with the people who commission image-makers," writes Simon Bainbridge, the editor of Fade To Black (and also the editorial director at Apptitude Media).

The new publication does an excellent job reimagining the magazine platform, while still being familiar and comfortable for readers. The wizardry is kept to a minimum, probably a reflection of the fact that the publishing team comes from the print magazine side of things rather than the coding world.

Apptitude Media was launched earlier this year (TNM original post here) as a management buyout led by the team behind the British Journal of Photography at Incisive Media. Marc Hartog, who was the Group Publishing Director at Incisive, is the CEO at Apptitude Media, with Mick Moore, creative director, Tom Royal, CTO, and Marc Ghione, marketing director – along with Simon Bainbridge, editorial director.

"I am looking forward to working with a world class team, fresh ideas and new launches, working hard, having fun, and just being part of the most exciting time in publishing in a generation," said Hartog in the launch announcement.

As for the new publication, Bainbridge writes on the publisher's website that “I believe we are at the beginning of a new era of free-thinking creativity."

"Technology is a huge driver in all the changes we are witnessing. The arrival of HDSLR cameras and affordable editing software has brought cinematic quality filmmaking to the masses, and along with the emergence of crowd funding and view-on-demand networks, it’s never been as easy to make a movie. But it’s the ideas and storytelling skills of the photographers, directors, producers and cinematographers that makes for great art. That’s why our focus is on the creative impetus behind our featured projects, providing an insight into the ideas process behind the scenes," Bainbridge writes.

Fade To Black will officially launch at the Sundance London film and music festival, April 25-28 at The O2. The new tablet magazine is the official digital media partner.