Monday, April 22, 2013

PixelMags launches series of replica edition apps for Australian publisher nextmedia Pty

The Los Angeles-based maker of replica editions has landed the Australian magazine publisher nextmedia Pty, the special interest publisher founded in 2008. The publisher has over 30 titles under its name and today has launched universal apps for many of them.

The new app appear under the publisher's name, but otherwise are simple replica edition.

Some of the magazines getting the PDF treatment include Tracks Magazine, Camera Magazine, ProPhoto, Art Almanac, Waves, Australian HiFi, Blue Water Boats & Sportsfishing, and Australian Guitar.

The guys at PixelMags clearly can sell, as they continue to line-up publishers despite some of the worst reviewed magazine apps to be found in the Apple Newsstand. Hearst UK for some reason signed up to do replica editions, and now readers are giving the new apps one-star reviews for apps that crash constantly.

 It's hard to believe that publishers wouldn't check out the apps from a vendor before signing up, but apparently that is the case. All I can say is "it's a mystery!"