Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sequential Media announces the beta release of a cookieless retargeting platform for advertisers

Interesting press release this morning from Sequential Media which announces the beta release of a new cookieless retargeting platform, designed to be used by advertisers. Here is the press release in full:
(April 25, 2013: New York Tech Day) – Sequential Media announces the beta release of its cookieless retargeting platform which enables advertisers to execute site, search, social, email or content retargeting at scale across mobile or desktop devices and without the use of cookies, IP addresses or device fingerprints.

Sequential indexes web pages using its patented domain relevancy algorithm to create a scored keyword profile for each URL. Advertisers provide target keywords which are matched to the most relevant web pages from the index in real time. Sequential serves an ad when it sees a referring URL matching an advertiser’s target keyword.

“Retargeting as a discipline has both matured in technology and budgets because of RTB’s success,” DemandBase Senior Director of Advertising Strategy Louis Moynihan said. “However, the biggest bottle-neck for retargeting growth is its ceiling of users to target. ‘Do not track’ is forcing the issue and frankly doing retargeting a favor, as there needs to be a way to scale without cookies.”

Sequential has partnered with supply-side-platform Beanstock Media to deliver cookieless retargeting across Beanstock’s hundreds of quality properties reaching over 250 million users across tens of billions of monthly mobile and desktop display ad impressions.

The Sequential-Beanstock cookieless retargeting solution is announced just as advertisers brace for Mozilla’s pending update to Firefox browsers which will block third party cookies by default, rendering nearly 20 percent of traditional cookie based retargeting ineffective (browser share source: NetApplications, Q4, 2012). What’s more, iOS/Safari devices already block third party cookies by default, accounting for 34 percent of the mobile market (Millennial Media Q3 2012).

The cookieless nature of the Sequential-Beanstock solution allows publishers to retain their audience without data leakage. According to Evidon, 45 percent of cookies within the advertising process are set by third parties and not the publisher (2013).
Advertisers can contact Sequential Media and publishers can contact Beanstock Media to learn more or participate in the advertising beta of the cookieless, real-time retargeting solution.