Friday, April 12, 2013

TRVL celebrates the publication of its 100th digital edition inside its popular tablet magazine app

The popular travel tablet-only digital magazine TRVL is celebrating the publication of its 100th edition. The digital magazine publishes a new issue every Thursday with the 100th issue featuring Tim Allen, the former BBC photographer.

TRVL was created by Jochem Wijnands and Michel Elings in September 2010 as a weekly digital magazine. "I don't think a monthly magazine works because you never use the algorithms of the App Store. When you publish new content, the App Store ranks you higher the next day, so when you publish, you are in a good position for the weekend. When you only do this once a month, you never use your advantage," co-founder Michel Elings told MediaShift last summer.

After two years of publishing using the digital publishing solution of a major software company TRVL started to look for something else. "So then we starting developing our own software out of frustration with what was available," co-founder Jochem Wijnands told TNM in December. "If there was an acceptable software around about a year ago we would have seriously considered it."

In November 2012 TRVL launched on Prss, the cloud-based publishing platform created by the TRVL team.

"For TRVL it is only just beginning. We have an amazing publishing tool, a great and very loyal readership and advertising is starting to come in. We'll grow our readership, grow our products and expand our distribution to all other digital devices," Wijnands said in the company's 100th issue announcement.

Today TRVL claims 1,000,000 app installs and has consistently been a five-star application based on reader reviews inside the Apple App Store.

"While 100 issues and 1 million subscribers are significant milestones for TRVL, the figure that inspires us most is the five-star rating we continue to have from our readers," said Kieran Meeke, editor in chief. "Our passion remains telling the story of each destination in a way that brings it alive and reveals our common humanity - something that obviously resonates with the TRVL community around the world."