Monday, May 6, 2013

Adobe updates Content Viewer app on the day it announces the end of Creative Suite development

It's been an interesting day for followers of Adobe, and for those publishing people who work with Adobe products every day. In some ways it reminds of the day Apple said it would be start using Intel chips exclusively – there was a feeling that things were changing in big ways.

In case you haven't been following the news, here is the big news Adobe made today: the software giant said that version 6 of Creative Suite would be the last CS developed, that while they will continue to support CS they would only be selling its Creative Cloud services from here on out. For current fans of Creative Cloud, or CC as you should start to get familiar with, the news is not that big. For those with old versions of Creative Suite looking for an upgrade forget it, it's not happening, you're moving to CC, or off the Adobe platform (good luck with that).

For those with old version of Creative Suite you should should know that Adobe is currently offering a one-year discounted price on CC at $29.99, assuming you are on Creative Suite 3 or higher. It's probably a good deal, assuming you can afford the extra $30 a month (time to lower your iPhone data plan?).

A lot of website chatter is pretty negative about the move, but we should wait and see if this settles down – after all, many people who would love to have Creative Suite but don't feel they can afford it (or to upgrade) probably don't like the idea of a recurring monthly fee either. Certainly if you were going to upgrade to CS 6 but didn't have the money, the $360 you would not pay for one year of CC seems reasonable.

Also today Adobe issued an update to its Adobe Content Viewer app, the app needed to preview digital publications created with the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. It's a good thing it was updated, too, because users have been complaining that they could not log into their accounts, a problem that the app description says is now fixed.

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Tablazines said...

For me, Adobe's new subscription model is a blessing. Now I can afford to have the latest and greatest version of Indesign, Photoshop and Ilustrator for a nominal price.

I can make up the monthly fee easily enough with the freelance work that I do or the money made from selling my publications.