Thursday, May 16, 2013

Apple updates iTunes, changes the way app updates are seen inside iTunes and linked to store

Apple today issues an update to a couple of its software packages including iTunes (the other big one was iMovie). The change at first appears minor in that the main difference most users will see immediately is the Songs View and new MiniPlayer.

But iTunes 11.0.3 also changes the look and feel of the way apps are updated. The Update button has shifted from the bottom right of the iTunes window to a spot at the very top when the user is in their Apps area.

When clicked, the apps come up that can be updated, and when the icon is clicked once a new window appears that gives details about the update taken from the What's New section of the app description.

This should help users determine whether an update is essential to download. Plus, the mechanism allows the user to see details without having to be taken directly to the App Store (and then go back again). It's a small improvement, but definitely a step in the right direction.