Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Apptitude Media launches new universal iOS app for 'British Journal of Photography' as old app under the previous publisher's name gets replaced

Publishing start-up Apptitude Media this morning launched a new universal app for its title British Journal of Photography as the new publishing company dealt with the difficulties of moving apps around inside the Apple App Store.

Apple policies regarding app ownership are, well, complicated. So most media companies find that they are better off simply launching a new app rather than going through the process of trying to move one app from one company to the new one.

As a result, this morning there are now three apps for the BJP: two under the name of the previous publisher, Incisive Media (one for the iPhone, another for the iPad), and the new one named British Journal of Photography+ (as opposed to the older iPad app named British Journal of Photography).

The older iPad app states that the most recent issue available is Spring 2013, while the new universal app shows May 2013 as the latest issue available.

But that is not the most dramatic difference in the two apps: the old iPad app offered a 6-month subscription for $13.99, the new one is charging $42.99 for the combined iPhone/iPad edition. The new app is offering a one-month subscription for $8.99, not individual issues are not available for download. The old app was charging $9.99 for individual issues, with older issues discounted. There were also several special issues available inside the old apps's library that are currently not shown in the new app.

All this could change, of course, now that the new app has launched.

The BJP team that launched Apptitude Media has been using the Mag+ platform to build its apps – and the iPhone version of the magazine, BJPhoto: iPhone Edition (link to original TNM post), was the first mobile magazine app released using Mag+ platform for its design.