Wednesday, May 8, 2013

IBIZA STYLE's new tablet edition brings the Spanish island's lifestyle magazine to the Apple Newsstand

Here is what at first seems like a strange native tablet edition: a digital edition of a magazine where the headlines and section heads are in English, but all the text is in Spanish. IBIZA STYLE - Tu revista de estilo en la isla is the new digital edition of the magazine for the Spanish island.

The reason for the double languages is that there are three versions of this app available (oddly, I only saw the Spanish version at the time I downloaded the app). The English version is called IBIZA STYLE - Your Island Lifestyle Magazine and is totally in English, while there is also a German version, IBIZA STYLE - Das Lifestyle Magazin aus Ibiza where the all the headlines and section heads are in English, but the text in German.

The iPad Newsstand app uses the Adobe DPS to build its tablet edition and the result is a hybrid – where the ads look untouched but the editorial is reformatted for the iPad. This may not be totally accurate as it might be better to say that some of the ads are reproduced here and most contain links.

In any case, the tablet edition is a good example of a digital edition successfully converted to the tablet platform without going too crazy with bells and whistles – those being sliding text boxes, animations and the like.

For me, this is the way many publishers should approach creating a tablet edition if they are less than comfortable with totally abandoning the print magazine look and feel. The magazine is published by Pitiusa Media Group, while the app was released under the developer account of Martin Storck.

The first issue inside the app's library can be downloaded for free. Future issues are priced at 2,69€ with an annual subscription (7 issues) available for 15,99€.