Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Media app updates: 'This is CNN; does last long as users complain; Kindle app gets added accessibility features; Twitter's iOS app gets a Vine-related update

That was fast! Only three months after announcing that they had added the famous (they say iconic) voice of James Earl Jones saying "This is CNN" to this mobile app, today CNN announced that Jones has been cancelled.

CNN App for iPhone added the famous audio introduction on February 6 believing, one would guess, that users of the mobile news app would enjoy a bit of nostalgia – think "You've got mail."

But users apparently were not as thrilled as CNN had hoped. "I don't need Darth Vader to tell me I just opened the CNN app," wrote one reviewer.

CNN has relented, and today's app update turns off the greeting by default, though it's still there should users want to turn it back on.

Amazon has updated its Kindle reading app for iOS (officially called Kindle – Read Books, eBooks, Magazines, Newspapers & Textbooks).

The update adds accessibility features designed to it easier for blind and visually impaired customers to navigate their Kindle libraries, read and interact with their e-books. Amazon has also added enhancements to the ‘Before you go…’ feature including the ability to download a free sample and email a reminder about recommended books you've found.

Twitter updated its iOS app to add the ability to invite friends to join Twitter from within the app and claims to have improved the playback of Vine videos.

Some of Twitter's updates have been rather negatively received from users, though that situation seems to be improving – though a few new reviews do mention their app crashing following the update.

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Alex Konetchy said...

You would think that CNN and other big companies would realize by now that user experience is key.

They're there for the news no to hear 'This is CNN'