Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Morning Brief: Twitter issues ninth update to Vine app released 5+ months ago; political TV favorite bows out

Twitter today updated its Vine app, the ninth update to be issued for the video sharing app since its introduction in mid-January of this year. The update is basically a big fix update, including fixing a bug introduced with the last update.

The app has been getting good reviews, and user videos are becoming more and more visible – the short six second are quickly becoming a staple of CNN programming, leading to a bit of user nausea as the videos recycle again and again.

I'm surprised, though, that users are not complaining about the frequency of updates – just when will Twitter think they've gotten the app right? Recently Senator John McCain asked Apple CEO "Why the hell do I have to keep updating my apps on my iPhone all the time and why you don't fix that?" It was a question asked after his time was up and was partly said in jest.

For me, the question I would have is how does Twitter get its updates and apps through Apple's review team so quickly when other developers are left to wait for their new apps to appear? The tales of woe I hear from media app developers on an ongoing basis lead me to believe the gap is service between the companies Apple cares about and all the others is growing each day.

So Michele Bachmann won't be running for a fifth term, I find that kind of sad, like the cancelation of one's favorite situation comedy.

The question on often asks when discussing Bachmann is how the hell does she continue to get reelected? As someone lives in a district sort of like Bachmann's – a red district in a sea of blue voters – the answer seems obvious: the system is designed that way.

Here in Illinois, the districts are so gerrymandered that one has no feeling for the district at all. The state legislature constantly changes the design of the district to maximize results, loading up one district with the voters on one party so that other districts become competitive.

For a couple years our district here was represented by a Tea Party favorite that appeared regularly on television, a favorite of liberal television shows because he would inevitably say something stupid while on air. But a changing of the district lines threw him into another district where he had to go up against a well-funded, well-known opponent and suddenly he didn't stand a chance.

But the district remains heavily red in order to make other districts more blue.

Minnesota is no different in this regards and redistricting and Bachmann exhaustion no doubt is leading to tougher reelection races (Bachmann barely won last year and was likely to face the same opponent again in 2014).