Friday, May 10, 2013

Netflix updates iOS app to allow for automatic playing of TV episodes or movies for binge viewers

Netflix today updated its iOS app, and while the changes are not major I still find it interesting to see the direction the company is going in.

"The new Netflix app makes it even easier to enjoy more movies and TV shows. Enjoy binge watching your favorite TV shows and get the best movie recommendations with this new update," the app description states – and, indeed, the update reflects the fact that some viewers are changing their television watching habits by watching multiple episodes of a program at one time, rather that faithfully tuning in once a week.

The update now allows users of the Netflix iOS app to queue up episodes of a TV show, or multiple movies for watching at one time. Once one program or movie has ended the next will begin. (I suppose this is great for those people who have a hard time falling asleep at night, as well.)

Of course, Netflix has gotten into the original programming game with House of Cards, a series where all the episodes were released at one time. So the change in the app merely reflects the way many viewers watched that show. It will be interesting to see if other content providers move in this direction, as well.

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Tablazines said...

This new feature has been available on set top boxes (, ROku) forever now. It made watching 8 seasons of "24" that much easier. It's about time they added it the iOS app.