Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New L.A. comedy magazine app, Far Gone, has a rough start to its life inside the Apple Newsstand

What is it about comedy magazines and app problems? Paperweight, the digital magazine from writer/editor Chris Duffy and designer/ developer Brain Perry, needed a couple of weeks to work out its issues before the app corrected its subscription problems (I'm happy to report that the app is fine now and getting good marks inside the Newsstand).

The new app for Far Gone, from The Periodical Co., launched today into the Apple Newsstand and it, too, is having serious issues. For one thing, the subscription mechanism simply doesn't work. A tap of the bar at the top of the library brings up a dialogue box that either crashes the app or gives a warning message. Most likely the app's release into the App Store today caught the developers by surprise and the backend was not set to receive requests.

But the app doesn't look very promising, in any case. Screenshots show a Kindle Edition-like design, and what is up with that library design anyways?

The new digital magazine's website is far better. In fact, one wonders why a digital magazine app is even necessary - the app and its contents are free, after all, so it isn't because of subscription purchases that a Newsstand app needed to be built.

Like Paperweight, I'm sure this app will get fixed and will eventually begin working. But until then, the joke's on us.