Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ringling College of Art and Design launch digital edition of its biannual magazine CONTXT into the Apple Newsstand

Some of the very first tablet editions launched into the Apple App Store following the initial launch of the iPad were student designed digital publications. Some of these new apps were projects conducted as part of the students academic activities, while others were simply efforts to launch a digital version of an existing magazine or yearbook.

The team at Abilene Christian University launched a digital version of their college magazine, The Optimist, the very first week following the launch of the iPad.

One year later a digital version of Odd Magazine came out. The annual originates from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute and is/was produced as part of the Fashion Magazine Minor.

But after an initial rush of new tablet magazines from universities and high schools there has been a bit of a lull. That is why I was happy to see the a new Apple Newsstand app this morning from Ringling College of Art and Design from Florida.

CONTXT Magazine is a fully native tablet edition of the twice yearly publication. The initial issue inside the Newsstand app weighs in at 394 MB due to its design platform and the video contained inside.

CONTXT, the official magazine of Ringling College of Art and Design, focuses on students and alumni, campus culture, and the Ringling College community. Touted as the “Most Wired” campus in the US, we are pleased to once again be at the forefront of technology and deliver CONTXT to you in this free iPad edition—a format that is interactive, rich with content, and fresh.
As you would expect from a university magazine, both the app and its content are free of charge to access.

Here is a very brief walk-through video on the new digital edition: