Friday, May 24, 2013

The Guardian looks to cash in on its global audience by moving all sites to one online address,

The Guardian today announced that it would be consolidating all its global web properties onto one URL,, as it looks to capitalize on its growing web traffic.

"This may be a small URL change but it marks a big step for the Guardian and reflects our evolution from a much-respected national print newspaper based only in the UK – reaching hundreds of thousands of people once a day – to a leading global news and media brand, with offices around the world, and an ever-growing worldwide audience accessing Guardian journalism every minute of every day," wrote Tanya Cordrey, Guardian News & Media's chief digital officer.

The Guardian is working with on its websites, a Dutch firm specializing in SEO, site optimization and WordPress plug-ins.

The reality of the move is that readers will probably not see any real difference as the current sites allow for moving between national editions. But the paper will now be able to present a consolidated traffic report to advertisers that promises to be more impressive than attempting to present multiple URL reports and argue that it is, in fact, one web property.