Friday, May 17, 2013

The Saturday Evening Post enters the Newsstand with an app build by replica edition and flipbook maker YUDU

You probably would not expect a legacy title like The Saturday Evening Post to be a leader in the digital media space. The magazine title was founded in 1821, with a dotted line link back to The Pennsylvania Gazette, first published in 1728.

For years the title was a weekly, but hard times nearly killed it off and today it is published only six times a year by the Saturday Evening Post Society.

And no, the magazine will not be a leader in the digital space.

Today the old title launched a Newsstand app built by YUDU which specializes in flipbooks and replica edition apps. The best that can be said of the app is that it at least appears under the publisher's name rather than the vendors and the app description is professionally written (though the screenshots used are terrible and hopefully will be replaced with actual screenshots from the magazine itself.

One of my biggest complaints with replica editions is that they reduce the size of the magazine to a point where the reader needs to work in order to be able to read the magazine – using either pinch-to-zoom or very strong reading glasses. Knowing that it is mainly older readers that the ol' Saturday Evening Post appeals to one could almost hear readers muttering the line "they just don't make magazines the way they used to."

Also released into the Newsstand today were other Saturday Evening Post Society's other titles, children's magazines Turtle Magazine, Jack and Jill and Humpty Dumpty – all inside the Newsstand thanks to YUDU apps.