Friday, May 10, 2013

TRVL updates its Newsstand app, up to 104 issues; publishing platform PRSS still set for private beta in June

The popular travel photography digital magazine TRVL updated its iPad app today. The Newsstand app is published under the Prss Inc. name now (and has been for a while) as the publishers continue to develop their own digital publishing platform.

TRVL is now up to 104 magazines inside the app, with the latest issues featuring Poland, SSS Islands, Peru, Singapore, Bruges, Niger, Seoul, Scotland, Zimbabwe, Nepal, Washington DC and Languedoc (I have to check that one out). There is also a Timothy Allen Special issue.

As for the app itself, here is what the app description has to say:

What's New in Version 3.2
  • VoiceOver support: Magazines can be read to you by Apple's VoiceOver.
  • Less use of disk space due to automatic cache cleaning.
  • Improved "Save for offline reading".
  • Polished animations and shadows.
  • Faster and more responsive.
  • Bug fixes and improved stability.

The big thing TNM readers want to know, of course, is what is the progress of Prss, the digital publishing platform TRVL uses to create its app.

Jochem Wijnands, TRVL co-founder, says they remain on schedule for a private beta in June - but that beta will be limited to just two to four publishers, most likely big publishers. "We'll then invite a second batch of publishers, still under the private beta agreement, followed by the public beta," Wijnands told me this morning.

That's bad news for anyone expecting to see Prss go live this summer. Probably the best thing to do, if you publish an existing print or digital magazine, is to sign up at the Prss website and hope to get an invite.