Tuesday, May 28, 2013

UK B2B publisher Aspermont Media releases its first Newsstand app for its title 'Mining Magazine'

Keeping to a bit of a B2B theme today (see Morning Brief) here is a brief look at a new tablet edition from the UK publisher Aspermont Media. The new app is called Mining Magazine 2013 which may, of course, cause them problems once the year is over, right?

The new Newsstand app is the first from the publisher, and the good news is that it is an attempt at a native tablet edition.

I would be curious as to what the platform is that is being used here – obviously it's not a PDF-based system, but it doesn't look like the Adobe DPS, either (maybe a TNM reader can figure this out).

The app itself has some issues, mainly linking to dead web pages. At first I chalked this up to the app appearing in the Apple Newsstand right after the Memorial Day holiday – but now it's late afternoon and the links are still dead.

Readers can subscribe to Mining Magazine for free as the publisher has chosen to go the free route with their tablet edition since no good qualification mechanism currently is standard with Apple's developer guidelines. (I really wish the trade associations would get off their rear ends and work on this.)

Aspermont Media also publishes other B2B titles such as Trenchless World, GeoDrilling, World Tunnelling and others so if they get any positive feedback at all we probably will start to see more Newsstand apps released in the near future.