Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Update for the Apptitude Media post on the just released 'British Journal of Photography+' digital magazine app

Earlier today TNM posted a story on the newly released iOS app for British Journal of Photography. Now the media company has released a press release on their new app and thought I'd reproduce it here.

The new app, which is now called British Journal of Photography+, now sits inside the App Store side-by-side with the older apps for iPad and iPad which were released with the magazine was being published by Incisive Media. But in February a new company was formed by the publishing team behind BJP, which then took over publishing the magazine along with Popular Science UK. That new publishing company just last week also launched a brand new title, Fade to Black (see TNM post here).
More than 18 months after British Journal of Photography first introduced its quarterly iPad edition, the award-winning magazine has today released a new universal iOS app designed to offer new and enhanced ways to discover BJP’s critically acclaimed content.

Marc Hartog, CEO of Apptitude Media, BJP’s publisher, states: “When we first launched our tablet version of British Journal of Photography, it was a shot in the dark. We had never made an app before, and no one had established any rules about the workflow or how to reach out to people.

Eighteen months later, there are more subscribers to our tablet edition than our print edition, and nearly a quarter of a million people around the world have downloaded our iPad app shell. We have had overwhelming feedback from our readers, who say they want a more frequent monthly version that retains the elegance and enhancements that are unique to the iPad - and we have listened.”

Hartog adds: “There are more iPhones sold every second of the day than babies born on the planet, so, whether media owners like it or not, tablets and smartphones are rapidly changing the way our audiences engage with our content and brands. This is a publishing revolution and media owners need to embrace it and try new ways of delivering properly designed content where and how their readers want it, or frankly they are doomed.”
A little over the top, I suppose. But there you have it.