Thursday, May 30, 2013

Update: IBIZA STYLE relaunches its English and German language tablet editions into the Apple Newsstand

Sen. John McCain ended his questions of Apple CEO Tim Cook by asking, somewhat in jest "Why The Hell Do I Have To Keep Updating Apps On My iPhone?" Cook's response was they were working on making them better. But that was a strange answer to come from the CEO of Apple when what he should have said was "our developer partners are always trying to make them better."

It is a fact of app life that launching apps not only means negotiating the Apple App Store review team, as well as Google and Amazon, but also have to constantly fix, improve and update one's apps. Rarely does one launch a tablet magazine that is not PDF-based and manage to not have to issue an update at some point.

Earlier this month I wrote a short post on IBIZA STYLE, a lifestyle magazine for the island community located off the coast of Spain.

Three weeks later I find that the publisher, Pitiusa Media Group, has relaunched two of the three apps that initially were released – while the original apps are no longer in the App Store.

IBIZA STYLE - Your Island Lifestyle Magazine is the English, while IBIZA STYLE - Das Lifestyle Magazin aus Ibiza is, obviously, the German edition. The original Spanish version is now missing completely.

The app descriptions give no clue to the change, but my hunch is that the downloads were so minimal that pulling the app and relaunching it didn't seem like a big deal.

I likes the original app, which was a hybrid edition, calling it "the way many publishers should approach creating a tablet edition if they are less than comfortable with totally abandoning the print magazine look and feel." My guess is, though is that the way the magazine was designed, with English headlines on all three language editions, but main body text in the target language, was confusing readers. But who knows as the publisher has decided to quietly do a re-do.