Wednesday, June 5, 2013

App Updates: Apple update for iTunes squashes sign-in bug; Kindle reader app adds line spacing features; Aquafadas updates its viewer app, myKiosk for iOS

Apple this morning released an update for iTunes which fixes a bug introduced with 11.0.3 which made users constantly sign into their accounts. It was annoying, really annoying. As someone who downloads at least a dozen apps a day in order to look at new newspaper, magazine and eBook apps, I found the bug, well, annoying. (I said it was annoying, right?)

Amazon issued an update for its Kindle reading app for iOS, officially known as Kindle – Read Books, eBooks, Magazines, Newspapers & Textbooks. Here is what is new in version 3.8:

  • Line Spacing - loose, normal, and tight line spacing options change the page layout to suit your reading preference
  • Multipage Highlights – highlight long passages that span multiple pages for added convenience
  • Print Replica Textbooks notebook improvements – filter by type: notes, bookmarks, and highlights by color; Sync starred notes between devices
  • Accessibility Improvements – select a higher maximum font size, bug fixes
  • Bug Fixes/Stability Improvements
Finally, Aquafadas has issued an update for its viewer app, myKiosk for iOS. These viewer app updates usually accompany a new version of the digital publishing platform, but I have a feeling this one is just for bug fixes.

The app description mentions smart zoom and progressive download, two very nice features to have for magazine publishers, but the rest of the description talks about bug fixes.

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Konstantinos said...

On May 30 Aquafadas posted on Facebook the following:

"Aquafadas is presenting the new features of its upcoming update for its digital publishing system. Aquafadas gives publishers more options to publish their digital content. More platform support with KF8 format for Amazon Kindle and ePub for Kobo Arc tablet."

No other details after that, not even in their site or blog. I don't really like it when a publisher will not give any updates on things to come. Tablet publishing moves very fast and planning for updated versions and new features is critical for a serious publisher.

In general, while Aquafadas is my favorite inDesign-based tool and they are extremely helpful and friendly people, I find they come short in selling how good they are and how creative their tool is. The exact same thing is happening with every major platform, but Adobe (and, perhaps, mag+).

I'd really love to see them (and every other major platform out there) start communicating with regular blog posts, tutorials and webinars, showcases and best practices, creative events and whatever else it takes to maintain an active community.