Monday, June 3, 2013

Future launches a new camera magazine, LeNs, that suffers from some technical hiccups; new magazine for Belgium's national football team to launch Wednesday

Future plc has launched another digital-only magazine, LeNs: Advanced Methods for Nikon Photographers. The premiere issue weighs in at just over 250 MB, but despite that not too large a file size, the download took over three hours to complete, the longest time I've ever spent on a successful download (some digital magazines are so slow that they actually quit).

One can probably safely assume that the new digital magazine uses the FutureFolio digital publishing platform. But the layouts and design is not overly complicated and the file not so large that this can explain the download speed, clearly something is wrong with Future's hosting.

But there feels like there are other issues here, as well. For instance, I found that the screenshots came out sideways – easily correctable in Photoshop, of course, but unusual, nonetheless. Also, the app is missing from the UK app store, though is found elsewhere. So despite being released late last week there are no reader reviews to be found – maybe readers are finding the new digital magazine as problematic as I did.

But once you finally can open up the magazine, what one finds is a nicely designed interactive title. It would be a shame if the new magazine failed to find its audience strictly do to technical issues.

Another new magazine app is available to download today, as well, though readers will be disappointed to find that the issues will not start appearing until Wednesday.

Rossel & Cie has released two apps – one in French and one in Dutch – for coverage of the national men's football team, known in English as the red devils (Rode Duivels in Dutch, Diables Rouges in French). The magazine itself is being called Redzone the two apps are Redzone FR and Redzone NL (I think you can figure out which is in which language).

The magazine will be free to download and right now the screenshots do not give a clue as to whether the digital magazine will be a replica edition or native – though the fact that the apps are universal is generally a bad sign.

Qui sont les Diables Rouges ? Que font-ils en dehors des terrains de football ? Quelles sont les passions qui les animent ? Quelles sont les choses qui les font vibrer ? Découvrez également leurs goûts en matière de musique et de cinéma ainsi que leur leçon de football, ce petit truc qui les différencie sur les terrains et en font des joueurs hors du commun.

Who are the Red Devils? What do they do outside of football? What are the passions that drive them? What are the things that vibrate? Discover their tastes in music and film as well as their football lesson this little thing that differentiates the land and make the players out of the ordinary.
The Belgians annihilated the U.S. men's team last week in a friendly (though the U.S. team bounced back to beat Germany 4-3 in a surprising result). Belgium seems to be pretty excited about their national team (and for good reason) as if tries and qualifies for the World Cup to take place next year in Brazil.