Monday, June 3, 2013

Media app updates: Daily Mail Plus now automatically opens after downloading; Google updates Chrome app; CNN quiets James Earl Jones in its iPad app; Kickstarter thinks its squashed its 'nasty Facebook login bug'

The Apple app review team got busy and released a bunch of new apps and app updates today. These included an update for Daily Mail Plus which will now automatically open from the Newsstand app after the latest issue has been downloaded overnight. I don't know if readers will find this convenient or a pain.

The app was originally released back in February (see original TNM post here) and is a reformatted version of the tabloid newspaper.

Google's Chrome browser for iOS today got an update which the app description improves the voice search. I actually have decent luck with Apple's Siri, though there are plenty of times when I get nothing at all back, as if Siri has fallen asleep. In any case, it is becoming harder and harder to find examples of apps that are better in the Apple version than in third party versions. Maybe Apple should launch the next version of the iPhone without any apps at all, other than the app store, that is.

A month ago CNN updated its iPhone app in response to users who didn't appreciate the return of James Earl Jones and his "This is CNN" introduction being added to the app. What the CNN team thought would be nostalgic users appeared to have found annoying.

So day CNN has updated its CNN App for iPad and as expected has moved Mr. Jones to "off" by default.

There are other changes, as well, including a redesigned home screen, new sections for watching Anderson Cooper 360°, Piers Morgan Live and Quest Means Business, photo galleries and video sharing.

Kickstarter, which launched an iPhone app in early February, has been releasing updates regularly trying to squash bugs. Today Kickstarter for iPhone and the fundraising company thinks they've finally got it.

"We finally fixed that nasty Facebook login bug that was plaguing some of our users. We've also fixed a few crashes that you might have experienced with the 1.2 update," the app description for version 1.2.1 states.