iPhone Support Page

Welcome to the Talking New Media for iPhone support page. This page will explain what you will find in the new iPhone app, and how you can contact TNM for you encounter any problems with the app itself.
The app features four menu options located on the bottom of the Home Page of the app.

Tapping Latest Posts will return you to the home page where you will find the most recent posts found on the TalkingNewMedia.com website. Twitter Feed takes you to a page where you can follow the tweets originated by TNM. Most of the Twitter activity is simply promoting the latest posts, though occasionally there will be additional tweets, as well. Video Channel will give you access to the Talking New Media Video Channel found on YouTube.com. Many of these videos have appeared on the website, though there are often additional "favorite" videos, as well.

Finally, Contact TNM brings you to a page where you can message TNM directly. Please use this feature to send us ideas for stories, press releases, or to tell TMN of a problem with the iPhone app.

You can also use the Contact/About Page to reach TNM, as well, or to learn more about the publisher.

The iPhone app, submitted to Apple in March, is the first version of the app. Updates will be released when additional content, or features (or bug fixes) are added to the app. You will be notified of these updates through iTunes.

Thank you for downloading Talking New Media for iPhone.