Friday, December 7, 2012

KIDS DISCOVER: another fantastic new iPad app from the studios of Joe Zeff Design

As I have written before, a new application from the studios of Joe Zeff Design is always a cause for celebration. Yesterday I discovered, thanks to a blog post on the company's website, that a new iPad app, KIDS DISCOVER, has been released into the Apple App Store, and it does not disappoint.

Joe Zeff Design is the studio some of the best apps available: Above & Beyond: George Steinmetz and more recently To learn more about this creative firm I recommend the interview with Joe Zeff conducted by Pedro Monteiro which appeared on this site back in May of last year.

The new app is designed for, a publishing firm with the mission "to expose kids to all the wonders in the world—science, space, nature, history and culture—in one easy-to-understand, beautiful publication." Now they have an interesting new app for the iPad.
The free app's business models is simple: download the app and gain access to one of the "issues" contained within the app free of charge. The free issue is Galaxies and needs to be downloaded once the app is installed. It weighs in at 392 MB due to its interactivity and animation.

Then, assuming you are happy with what you see – and most will be, that's for sure – then two other "issues" are available now for downloading at $2.99 a piece: Antarctica and Washington D.C.

The user can also choose to buy a monthly subscription at $1.99, this will gain you access to the other issues, as well as those coming soon: Cells, Weather, Oceans, Ancient China, Lewis & Clark, and Simple Machines.

The video below ends with the credits found in the new app, but the Joe Zeff Design blog provides a little more information:
Christopher Holewski was the project lead at Joe Zeff Design, collaborating with Ed Gabel, who created many of the computer-generated animations. Kids Discover involved its top people: Publisher Judith Princz, Director of Digital Development Ted Levine and Editor Jennifer Dixon.
The result is a wonderful app that should educate and entertain at the same time. It is safe to say that the apps developed by Joe Zeff Design are among the few applications that have a permanent place on my own iPad (though I must admit that means burning up quite a bit of storage space).

I guess the only other detail to mention is that the app was created using the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.

Here is a little circular walk-through the app, from Index to some of the sections and back again: